Design and Build Your Own Kitchen Worktops

At Rock Solid Worktops (a division of GON Granite and Marble Ltd) we offer you the opportunity to design your own kitchen work surface layout; to order and pay for your Unistone quartz worktops online, fabricated to your exact specifications; then to fit them yourselves with help from our online guides. Our worktop specification tool is very simple to use and will help you to purchase unique, highly polished worktops for your project. Choose from a selection of twelve, 20mm thick aesthetic quartz or marble-effect finishes, add the required measurements, then place your order from the comfort of your sofa. Every time you make a specification change during the order preparation, the difference in cost is instantly shown, so you will know exactly what you are paying for.

In-house fabrication and finishing

We do not import ready-made stone products. Your engineered quartz surfaces will be fabricated in our North Wales workshop using industry-leading machinery that is maintained to a high standard. This limits waste or delays due to shutdowns. All sink cut-outs are produced with a 5mm internal radius (hob cut-outs have no internal radius), whilst all edges have a 2mm chamfer to reduce the risk of damage. Our time-consuming, hand-polishing techniques for upstands and edges create worktops with a stunning, long lasting finish.

Installation and maintenance

Ordering online comes with the assurance that your composite quartz worktops will arrive on site undamaged and complete with installation and maintenance guides. These guides help with all aspects of fitting your own worktops - from how to measure up and plan your project, to manual handling, highlighting areas of possible difficulty along the way. Because 20mm quartz is safer and easier to handle than traditional stone, it is suitable for trade and home DIY enthusiasts alike.


Timely fulfilment of orders is paramount to us. Your stone will arrive in special crates, making the load easier to manage. We aim to ensure that your projects are cost-effective, with complete satisfaction of a job well done. Delivery costs are based on weight.